Our features

The following list shows all features currently available in detail!

About Page

Wanna have a special dedicated About page? A page with full features WYSIWYG editor! The this is it!

Alert System

Something happening on your server? Wanna announce some maintenance? This module shows a catchy alert on all your pages hard to miss!

Bluemap Intergration

Many use bluemap but with the extender you can not only link your map but also fully recolor it to match your websites design!

Dynmap Intergration

When using dynmap is already amazing what about altering the GUI and recoloring it to mach your website all fully automatic!

Desktop App

All websites that meet the requirements for PWA can be installed as app on your Desktop PC to quickly get the community info latest news and more!

Mobile App

Just as the Desktop app is your website if it meets PWA can be installed as a app on mobile phones! get a mobile app from your website fully featured and adjusted!

Discord Links

If you have a Discord server then linking to it from the website is a must! This is a standard active module that when a url is entered will add a Discord button on different locations across your website!

Front Page Module

Welcoming members isnt always easy this module is standard active and allows you to make the home page as you want it!

Ingame Commands

MineNet Offers a plugin that neatly intergrates the websites features but it also adds 3 commands /website /discord and /map for easy access to those links! (toggleable)

All Time Memberlist

Keep track and showcase your community when enabled showcases all members joined since tracking started in a nice looking page on your website!

News Systems

Wanna showcase the latest new news? Wanna inform your players about new events or such? then the news system is for you including a WYSIWYG editor its buildable to style!

Unverified up to 8  News ItemsUnlimited when Verified

Live Online Widget

Once activated this module shows a nice bar attached to your navigation showcasing the online count aswell as the joinlink and avatars representing the online players

Custom Page Builder

Cant find the module you are looking for? Make your own custom pages using the Fully featured WYSIWYG Page editor

Unverified up to 3 PagesUnlimited when Verified

Plugins Display

This module when enabled grabs all your running plugins that you can choose to show or hide on the website this way you can promote certain aspects of your server!

Staff Page

This page can be activated to manually showcase Special People together with their rank in 2D 3D or even with their helm!

Unverified up to 8 Staff membersUnlimited when Verified

Donation Store

Do you have a donation store? You can fully embed it with the latest tech into your website that way customers do not need to leave your website and if done correctly do not even notice its external!

Full Featured Wiki

Ever wanna help your players find their way? Need them to learn how to claim? Get a wiki! easy tutorial system including template database for easy one click adding! or make your own tutorial in a few clicks!

Unverified up to 6 TutorialsUnlimited when Verified

Full advanced Ban System

Ban a player from the web or ingame and manage all the bans in a single panel! allow them to appeal to the ban right from your website!

Navigation Editor

Make the navigation bar just as you like it with the advanced navigationbar editor!

Theme Database

Not to great in color styles? select one of the many premade color sets including headers!

Multi Worldmap Embedding

The old worldmaps linking made place for this brand new embedding of all worldmaps you can think of! nice in a tab based system you can even mix bluemap and dynmap!