All Features available for all users free

Your own server website

A website where u control how it looks feels and the info you provide!

Mobile App

Your website is running PWA people can install it on their phones as app!

Desktop App

Just like the mobile apps u can install the website as a app on windows using the PWA protocol!

Theme control

Design of a website is making it unique right? 
With the Theme manager you can edit all colors and looks of your website you can even manage colors for webapps like bluemap or dynmap!

Growing module database

Extending the website with more features becomes more easy then ever with a one click module installer you can add news staff lists members lists and much much more!

Spigot / Bungeecord Plugin

A single plugin for both intergrating the website into your server and back!.
automatically syncs active modules and allows automated theming for different online map plugins!

Wanna See all features in detail?

Get to know the features better see them all listed and growing with all details!