Terms of service

These rules apply to anyone using the platform

Inactive websites

Any inactive website that is inactive (no edits / updates / logons) in 90 days will be removed unless premium is active.
Once removed they cannot be recovered!

Faul Languages and 16+ content

Content that points to or shows that should be restricted to the age of 16 and up is forbidden.
Any faul languages are also forbidden.


I offer this service for free.
Abuse will not be tolerated every community make 1 website.
Using duplicate discord logins or bots is strictly forbidden.
The platform must be used as its made for fake accounts/websites will be removed


Hacking the platform or plugin is strictly prohibited and will result in a direct BAN and removal of your websites
Found a possible leak or bug? report it on discord to mmuziek

Illigal activities

Any form of illigal activities or promoting them are not allowed on this platform and will result in a direct removal of your website and a ban on your account.


Found a website that breaks the rules?
Please email us at service@mcgsoft.eu or contact mmuziek on discord.

Non Used Sites

Any website newly made must at least have a Community name and a working minecraft Join url within 24 hours. if not the website will be removed.

Furthermore any website that is deemed inactive or not used due to empty unlinked pages or unset data for a long period will follow the same rule.

Service and privacy statement

These are our Guidelines


By using the platform you agree that cookies will be stored to keep the website in working condition for example the login keeps you logged in that session.
All cookies are destroyed up on closing the browser


All payments made to Mine-Net are donations there is no refund on these, any money send i used to pay the bills for the platform and development and are processed by paypal

Data storage

No personal data is being stored on the servers.
The only leading data will be the discord ID and any content u might enter into the field. this data will not be shared with any 3th party ever and stay within the MCG Network Database.

Right for removal

The european law states every consumer must have the right of removal. if you want your website to be removed please send us a email at Service@mcgsoft.eu with your discordID and Website name.

3th party software

The following external services are being used please refer to their terms if you want info about how they use / collect your data.
MCG is not the owner and does not have control over their policy.
(SpigotMC / XDSoft / Cravatar)


Mine-Net runs on the MCGSoft Network .
This network has a uptime of 95%+ over the past years however there can always be a unforseen hiccup causing some downtime. if this happens the premium will not go down until its resolved. and i do all i can to get it back up!


Mine-Net can not be held responsible for the content of the websites made on the platform but will do its best to make sure they meet the TOS as stated above and following the General EU Law


Having a complaint?
Please send the complain to Service@mcgsoft.eu for further investigation we are happy to help you solve the complaint